Best Yoga DVD For Beginners – FREE Video Preview


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This is by far the best home Yoga DVD Program for beginners and even advanced yogi’s.

A set of 12 professional made DVD’s PLUS digital access that guides you through everything you need to know about yoga and the best yoga poses that get results.

The Three Phases of The System

Phase 1: The Foundational Flow Phase

This phase will help beginners understand the foundations of yoga, improving safety and efficacy. You will also build a strong mind-body link that will help you in later phases, and learn strategic poses to boost your metabolism.

Phase 2: The Transitional Flow Phase

In this phase, you’ll merge the poses in the first and second phases to create sequences, thereby enhancing your mood and eliminating problem areas.

Phase 3: The Mastery Flow Phase

Here, you’ll combine everything you learned in the first and second phases. The sequence in this phase will boost your metabolism and create feminine tone in your body.

There are two additional bonuses offered with the System:

  • Bonus 1: Follow-along audio classes
  • Bonus 2: The Tranquility Flow

You also have the ability to access membership site and get support from like minded people.

Perfect if you’re interested in learning yoga but not yet ready for a yoga studio, or for those times when you just can’t get to your favourite yoga class.

Learn simple strategies like;

  • How to avoid 1 common yoga pitfall that often leads women to injury, stress and even weight gain
  • 3 of the worst and most common yoga mistakes women make every day
  • 3 powerful methods for women wanting to maximize the amazing benefits of yoga
  • 1 brand new little yoga routine to help boost metabolism and shape your ‘yoga booty!’
  • How to increase your metabolism so your body melts fat.

Check it out. Watch this FREE introduction video now.

Amazing value.


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